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Working together to deliver IT solutions, we guarantee you positive outcomes with speed, agility, and certainty.

Pal Software’s Information Technology Experts recognize that IT solutions are as unique as the businesses that use them. Combining the technological expertise with industry-specific insights tell us how technology impacts business processes. Whatever your IT goals are, Pal Software is here to deliver exceptional results with innovation-driven strategies that fuel your company’s growth.

Enterprise Application Services

Risk mitigation, economic benefits, and quality management is all what you seek in your Enterprise Resource Planning. We responsibly cater to these services.

Infrastructure Management Services

Pal Software’s IMS division offers a reliable framework of forefront expertise because personnel there have high experience in managing IT infrastructure for corporations and startups alike.

Data Migration Services

The dedicated data migration team at Pal Software provides high quality end-to-end solutions to fulfill your data migration requirements.

Independent Testing Services

We understand that software testing is a vital business running function in each organization. Thus, we are here to undertake this critical transformation.

Progress 4GL Consulting

Progress 4GL is the fourth generation language and our experts use it to derive innovative products using this technology. Read More...

Project Management

Are you facing issues in managing day-to-day business? We have licensed project management software like JIRA, SCRUM, Kanban and Microsoft Project that lets you focus on your targets effectively. Read More...

Independent Testing Services
Biometric Application Consulting

If you are facing issues in managing time and attendance of the staff, you are not alone. We offer biometric solutions using which you can have face, or finger reader.

Health IT Consulting

We want the caregivers to focus only on what they do best and leave the rest on us. Whether you want a health mobile app or track the patient’s status, or want health ..

Web Application Development Consulting

Mobile application developers are always on the lookout for someone who designs websites for their online business. Our web app developers can cater to your needs.

Mobile Application Development Consulting

If you have the need, we have the expertise to develop an app for your iPhone, Android or Windows phone. Just let us know your requirements. Read More...

Independent Testing Services

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